Website basics

A list of important features every website needs:

• Your website will be your face to the world.  If you are a small business that desires to grow, a website is a necessity.

• The most important focus of your new website should be content.  Think of your website as being a shop in town.  You can have a huge expensive sign out front, fancy wallpaper, luxurious carpet, chandeliers, and beautiful oak displays.  Customers may step in the door, however without content they will move on to the next shop that has something they can take with them.  A simple site with good content is better than a flashy site with little to none.

• Let you customer know exactly what it is you are marketing. Give them all the details they will need to make a decision to complete the sale.

• Your website should have a clear and easy to navigate structure. The purpose of design is to facilitate the interaction of your visitor with the content.  If your site visitor can’t find the information they are looking for they will look elsewhere.

• Don’t let your message get lost! If a photo or text doesn’t promote or enhance your business’s product, it shouldn’t be in your website.

• Always keep in mind branding.  Your website should be a reflection of your brand.  Use your logo. Be consistent with fonts, colors and style.

Photos photos photos! A picture speaks 1000 words. Pictures tell a story. A quality photo can convey your message quickly and powerfully. It can help a potential customer to connect. Photos also give legitimacy to your site.

• Your web pages should be fast to load and pleasing to the eye. People will remember if they easily found useful information they were looking for; or instead found a jumble of colors, mixed fonts, annoying flashing images, banner ads, pop-ups etc.

• Your website is your best friend. It is a silent salesman that is working for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If you remember to utilize some of the above suggestions, you will be well on your way to a successful website design.