site updates


What is a site update?

Just like your wardrobe or your living room, your website needs to be updated occasionally too.  You may not need a complete site re-design when a simple update will do.  Especially if you are happy with your look, but just want to take it to the next level.  Or maybe you want to add a few bells and whistles.  Do you have a new logo, or does your business have a new color scheme?  Have you added new products or dropped underperforming lines?  Have you expanded your services or added new staff?  All of those things are important to share with your customers.  You always want to put your best foot forward. Another reason to keep your site updated?  Search engines love new content! 

Site updates can include:

• New or updated logos
• New fonts or color themes
• New pictures or reformatting and optimizing (for faster loading times) old photos
• New products or services
• Announcements or special events
• Removing old products or services no longer offered
• Updated contact information including Twitter & Facebook links
• Adding a map to help folks find you
• Adding new pages
• Adding some spice - i.e. rotating images, photo galleries, subtle flash etc.
• Carefully thought out key words for meta tags
• Main search engine submissions

Below is an example of a complete site redesign.  Below is the original home page:

Strawberry Blonde Salon Original Site

Here is the redesign. The site has a completely new contemporary look with lots of interactive features.

Strawberry Blonde Salon New Site



Below is an example of a simple site update.  Here is the original home page:

Old Home Page Sample

Here's the new home page:

New Home Page Sample

I added a rotating photo, links to new pages and a new photo gallery.  Also I changed the column widths and added oversize capital letters for a vintage old-fashioned look.  The behind the scenes important part that you can't see, is identifying and targeting important keywords, and incorporating them into the site to optimize search engine results. I also changed up the page titles and descriptions for Google, and added a custom favicon.

Here is another example page on the same site. Old Contact Us Page:

Old Contact Us Page Sample

New Contact Us Page:

New Contact Us Page Sample

Again, I added photos, links, an old-fashioned capital letter font to create consistent branding and an ever important social networking facebook link.



Site updates are done by the hour.  I can give you an estimate of how long I think it will take to put in place the changes you would like. If you aren't particularly committed to, or happy with the site you already have, sometimes it is more affordable to create a new site from scratch. Click here to see my pricing.